Yonder Mind is an easy-to-use content management solution for any industry and use-case. With our roots in aviation, we are well accustomed to highly regulated industries. Our solution is designed with the end-user in mind while still fulfilling the highest compliance and availability requirements.


Operation Manuals in Aviation

Yonder Mind brings operational documentation and manufacturer manuals together in one solution. Pilots work with the easy to use YM Offline App and enjoy role-specific revision updates instead of having to go through hundreds of revised pages. Editors create and enhance content in the YM Editor while revisions become manageable again thanks to the fully integrated YM Workflow. Company guides (e.g. Winter Ops Guide) can be created without having to worry about duplicates anymore since information is only contained once in Yonder Mind. And never miss a change in regulation again thanks to our IQSMS Connector.

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Control Centers

Make sure your employees know what to do when there is no room for error. You stay in control of the content your staff works with while Yonder Mind brings reliable, role-specific information to your frontline employees.


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First Responders

Find the information you need when time is critical. Whether it is guidelines for frontline employees in the field or manuals in the operations center, Yonder Mind is the user-friendly tool for information management in frontline organizations.

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Quality & Compliance

Bridge the gap between quality management and your frontline employees. Yonder Mind lets employees find relevant information for their specific role while quality management stays in control of process documentation. In fact, we at Yonder use our own software as QMS and have achieved ISO 9001 certification without external help in less than two months.

Compliance is guaranteed thanks to the fully integrated YM Workflow. All change request discussions and approvals are logged and a full audit trail is available at all times.

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Rules & Regulations

Yonder Mind is well suited for standardization organizations and governing bodies. Rules, regulations, or standards are managed in Yonder Mind and end-users can easily integrate rules and regulations from different providers or with company guidelines.

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Other Use-Cases

Yonder Mind is an industry agnostic content management solution designed specifically for controlled information like rules and regulations. It is equally suitable for large, multi-national organizations and medium-sized enterprises. Please contact us to discuss your specific use-case.

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