Services, Not Software Tools

We don’t sell software tools, we manage your information flood by implementing your information philosophy in your processes. As a service, proudly made in Switzerland. We provide the following core services:

This process might seem painful at first, but it unlocks a whole range of advantages over classical documents: theme-based documentation, role-based information distribution, the revision inbox. And many further use cases in the future.

Content editing work is blood, sweat and tears. A nice software facade with unstructured content doesn’t solve the information dilemma, and editing content without a reliable service partner means you are bleeding, sweating and crying yourself. That’s where we come in with our Swiss quality service based on experience.

Documentation-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Besides our core services, we host all the necessary software tools for you on our servers located in Switzerland. So we take complete care of your documentation. Nonetheless, you stay in control: nothing gets published before you approve any changes in our workflow-based approval tools.

Your Results in the Back Office

Suddenly, your expensive experts have time for more meaningful work than administering books and documents. Also, their efforts for revisions are now limited to approving the changes we made for you.

Your Results on the Flight Line

Because your crews can learn and retain their knowledge anywhere, anywhen, on any device, your classroom training costs will decrease. Theme-based documentation and role-based information distribution further help your crews to stay on top of the information flood. So does the revision inbox, which helps your crews to revise important information first and hides irrelevant information based on a customer-specific role concept.