Yonder Mind is a modular content management solution designed specifically to deliver reliable information to frontline employees. Yonder Mind consists of four fully integrated core components: YM Web Client, YM Offline App, YM Editor, and the overarching YM Workflow.

The YM Web Client allows users to access content via a web browser. The intuitive dashboard is used to navigate existing information or work through changes – all based on a user’s role and the task at hand.

Add-ons like Flash Cards enhance the user experience by allowing additional features.

The YM Offline App brings true offline capability to your frontline employees. The app allows to access and work with reliable information even in places without an internet connection, like cockpits or in remote locations. It also guarantees business continuity for high reliability organizations and first responders even during internet or power outages. The YM Offline App features the same look and feel as the YM Web Client.

The YM Editor is a native and user-friendly authoring tool with extensive functionality that allows for creating and editing content. Existing documentation (like XML, FrameMaker, Word, etc.) is imported to and further modified in the YM Editor. Content is split into small “information modules” which are then enriched with additional information (like tags and roles) to allow for dynamic, role-based content filtering. Effectivity and visibility are also governed in the YM Editor.

The YM Workflow is a core element of Yonder Mind. It is fully integrated and guides changes to the content from the YM Editor to the YM Web Client or YM Offline App. It is used by internal and external users as well as their 3rd party stakeholders to approve changes and revisions. The YM Workflow is fully customizable to mirror specific approval processes – even on a single document level.

Changes are initiated, classified, discussed, and approved directly on the content. Since information to a specific topic is only contained once in Yonder Mind, a single change will automatically affect any document the specific information module is used in. Publication of changes is role-governed, meaning that only changes truly relevant to a given user’s role are communicated accordingly.

All change request discussions and approvals are logged, and a full audit trail is available at all times.

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Add-ons & Connectors

YM Add-ons enhance either the YM Editor or the YM Web Client and YM Offline App with additional functionality. YM Connectors allow automatic data exchange with other systems. The following add-ons and connectors are available:

YM Reader Add-on: Flash Cards

Users can study relevant sections in your documentation using Flash Cards. Thanks to Yonder’s unique approach to content management, Flash Cards will always display up-to-date content.

YM Connector: IQSMS

Never miss a change in aviation regulation! Content in Yonder Mind can be linked to underlaying regulations (e.g. FAA, EASA, IOSA, etc.) using IQSMS. A change request is automatically triggered if the regulation changes.

YM Connector: Airbus Manuals

Using this connector, manufacturer manuals from Airbus can be automatically imported and updated in Yonder Mind. This even works with customized manuals.

YM Connector: Boeing Manuals

Using this connector, manufacturer manuals from Boeing can be automatically imported and updated in Yonder Mind. This even works with customized manuals.

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Onboarding & Support

Yonder offers a tailor-made Onboarding Service to accommodate for different needs. This ranges from using standard workflow templates and video tutorials to tailor-made setup and configuration with on-site training.

Legacy documents can be made available in Yonder Mind as raw imports or finalized by Yonder on customer behalf. This allows for a quick transition to Yonder Mind without the need for additional internal resources.

Different levels of Support are offered ranging from European business hours to global 24/7 support. A human answer is always guaranteed.

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