Information Dilemma

Information management and documentation is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Generally, we have too much information available on any topic. But we struggle to distribute and access the information effectively. The result? Instead of solving the problem, we create yet more information: summaries, duplicates, annexes and bulletins.

Solve The Problem, Don't Fight The Symptoms

All too often, we hear people talking about information dilemma symptoms rather than solving the underlying problem:

Why Bother?

Documentation is intended to help your crews acting safely and correctly. More specifically, they have to comply with a whole range of laws and regulations. But crews can only act safely and correctly when they have the right knowledge. And the underlying documentation is usually created and edited in the back office, far away from where the action happens.

And think about it:¬†The more back office resources you employ, the more documentation they produce. That’s just one more reason to outsource documentation to a trusted partner.

Our Answer: Yonder Mind

Yonder Mind is our view of a contemporary information philosophy and consists of four pillars:

By moving from book-based to process-based information consumption, we organize your information like the human mind. At the same time, our services help you bridging the gap between back office and crew members.