Information Dilemma

Information management is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century: We have too much information available on any topic. But we struggle to distribute and access the information effectively. The result? Instead of solving the problem, we create yet more information: summaries, duplicates, annexes and bulletins.

Documentation is usually created and edited in the back office, far away from the sharp end of your business.

Think about it: The more back office resources you employ, the more documentation they produce, thus feeding the vicious circle of the information dilemma. That’s just one more reason to outsource documentation to a trusted partner.

Solve The Problem, Don't Fight The Symptoms

All too often, we hear people talking about information dilemma symptoms rather than solving the underlying problem:

Solving The Problem: Reduce, Reuse, Revise

When we convert your books and documents into structured content we eliminate all duplicates (reduce). Every knowledge module can then be displayed in multiple contexts (reuse). Once a knowledge module needs revision, all mentions of it are updated automatically (revise).

The best thing about it? All of the above is covered by our services, proudly made in Switzerland.