Lower Costs

Less Editorial Work
By using Yonder’s workforce to clean up and convert the existing documentation into XML, customers profit from Yonder’s experience in electronic documentation and don’t need to hire in-house personnel for a one-time clean-up.

Once the initial document conversion is done, Yonder can keep the documentation up to date freeing internal staff to focus on their subject matter expertise instead of doing editorial work.

Flatten Revision Peaks
Customers can choose to not outsource editorial work to Yonder and use the self-edit functionality in Yonder Mind. However, Yonder can help flatten revision peaks by supporting the internal editor team with converting or updating specific documents on a project basis resulting in a leaner workforce.

Fewer Training Days
Yonder helps users to stay on top of changes and revisions through the prioritized revision task lists. As a result, users arrive prepared for their training sessions. Presenting highlights of revision in classroom sessions is no longer required and approximately one training day per pilot per year can be saved.

Higher Efficiency

Increased Speed of Delivery
Thanks to largely automated processes, Yonder can digitize and deliver manuals much faster than an airline could do this with in-house resources.

Faster Approval Process
Yonder eliminates the need to have all experts and decision makers in one room at one time through the integrated, fully customizable approval workflow. External approvers like National Aviation Authorities can be included directly in the workflow.

Compliance as a Result

Full Audit Trail
Yonder’s integrated approval workflow tracks all decisions and discussions in an uncompromisable audit trail. No comments are lost in emails anymore.

Higher Consistency
Yonder as the single editor assures consistency by applying consistent style sheets to all the manuals and by maintaining all cross-manual links centrally. This leads to consisted outlines and revisions for all manuals. Subject matter expertise always stays with the customer.

Full QMS Interface
Content can be referenced to EASA, FAA or IOSA standards via iQSMS and a change in standards automatically triggers a change request for the referenced content. Furthermore, audit findings in the iQSMS audit checklist can automatically trigger change requests in Yonder Mind.