Your Documentation as a Service

We help users find relevant information in lengthy manuals, and we help companies to keep that relevant information up-to-date.
We distinguish ourselves from other solutions through the Documentation-as-a-Service concept: The fusion of service and software makes the entire documentation process more efficient – in the back office, with approval authorities, and for end users.

Our services consist of converting lengthy manuals into small information units (modules) and keeping these modules up-to-date.

Our software adds meta-information to the modules to allow re-using the same information in different contexts (filtering, versions, revisions, etc.). Furthermore, our software features an integrated workflow solution to edit and approve change requests.

Differentiating Service Features
  • We do the hard work for you: converting lengthy manuals into modules is blood, sweat and tears
  • We keep your information up-to-date, you stay in control through workflow-based approval
  • We deliver precision work, proudly made in Switzerland
Differentiating Software Features
  • Dynamic content filtering
  • Prioritized revision task lists
  • Workflow-based approval tool
  • Industry-agnostic software tool